Web Content Writing

While there are many aspects such as selecting the theme, arranging the elements and designing the various sections of the website, it is the content that helps your business achieve its main objective. However, creating excellent content for your website is going to take a lot of time and efforts.

Your copy needs to be:

  • Conversational while being clean and crisp
  • Unique without being too ambiguous
  • Well-formatted and free of errors
  • Relevant to your business or brand
  • Optimized for the search engines

Do you wish to get web content that looks absolutely professional, unique, error-free, 100% original and optimized for the search engines?

Get in Touch with Me

Here is what I can do for you:

  • I do the necessary research on your industry and come up with the right keywords that will generate maximum traffic to your website on a consistent basis.
  • I insert these keywords very subtly into the web content that I create for you, without actually stuffing them. Not only does this improve the readability of your content, it also improves your ranking as well as your conversion rate.
  • I will help you tell your Brand story in a way that will tap into the emotions of your readers. While this will increase your visibility, it will also help establish your brand in the industry.
  • I adopt the industry best practices when it comes to web content writing. Not only will I make your content informative, I will also make sure it is engaging and exciting enough to help convert your visitors into your customers.
  • I will keep your content crisp, clear and concise, while giving maximum information about your business to your target audience.
  • I will use content to highlight the USP of your business and give the perfect answer to the question in the minds of your target audience – why should they care?
  • I give you content that you are absolutely satisfied with, irrespective of how many revisions I will have to make to get it right.
  • I double-check the content for the information I present, the spelling, grammar and the words that I use, before I deliver the same.
  • I make sure the content I give you provides maximum value to your readers.

And you will get all this at a price that is agreeable to you.

Blogs and Articles

Blogs and articles are pieces of content through which you connect with your target audience. Regular Blogging is of utmost importance for your marketing success. Not only does this give you the visibility that you deserve, it also drives tremendous traffic to your website in a consistent manner.

Blog writing can be a whole lot of fun.

  • It helps you share your knowledge with the world
  • It offers you a chance to learn about the latest trends in the industry
  • It enables you to initiate engaging conversations with your target audience
  • It establishes you as an expert in your niche
  • It is a great way to provide value to your customers and increase their loyalty towards your brand

However, if you want to achieve success through blogging, you will have to stick to a regular content posting schedule and create blog posts on a consistent basis. I can make this possible for you through my blog writing services.

I have been writing blogs and articles for more than ten years now for almost every industry including human resources, finance, information technology, web designing, art, branding, marketing, real estate, interior décor and more. I can understand your exact requirements, suggest blogging schedules, identify blog topics, do the required research and come up with the perfect content that can make your blog posts a huge success across social media.

Discuss your Requirements Right Away

Here is what I can offer:

  • I help you plan the right blogging strategy after understanding your target audience and determining what their expectations are. I sincerely believe that blogging is all about what they want to know instead of what you have to tell them.
  • I come up with unique blog topics and create catchy headlines that will lure your readers to go through the entire blog, no matter what the length of the blog is.
  • I include interesting case studies, examples, statistics or facts that make your blogs interesting, informative and engaging, so that your audience are left wanting for more.
  • Through excellent blog posts, I answer the questions of your target audience before they even frame them in their mind.
  • I organize content in a way that is easy to read and understand so that your readers enjoy your blogs thoroughly and derive maximum value from them.
  • I help establish yourself as an authority in blog writing, without you having to put in any efforts.
  • I optimize your blogs for the search engines by including the right keywords in the right manner, without making them seem sales-y or promotional.

I believe in providing best quality content at affordable pricing.

Ebook Writing

Writing EBooks can help establish yourself as a subject-matter expert in the industry. While improving your credibility this can help you generate leads that will help you gain clients who will be loyal to your business for a long time to come. Alternatively, you can also sell these eBooks and create an alternative source of income.

EBooks, or electronic books, as they are called, can open those doors for you that you thought never existed. By writing EBooks you can:

  • Gain tremendous amount of knowledge about topics or subjects
  • Share your expertise with people
  • Give a reason to your readers as to why they should trust you
  • Add value to your readers
  • Establish an authority as an expert in your niche

Many businesses today are even offering eBooks as subscriptions in order to generate exclusive leads that will help them in the long run.

EBooks will need time. No matter how hard you work it is impossible to finish writing an EBook in one day. You would need at least a month or two to come up with a format, do your research, gather information and present it in a readable, interesting and sellable way.

You will need tons of patience apart from the right skills that are required to write EBooks. I can do it for you at affordable pricing.

Let’s Get Started!

Here is why you should hire me as your eBook writer:

  • I can suggest a few excellent titles for your eBooks so that they actually become sell-able
  • I can refer resources based on your suggestions and come up with the right kind of information to include in your eBook
  • I give you chapter by chapter as and when I complete them, so that you can go through them and suggest revisions wherever necessary
  • I come with a vast experience of ghost-writing eBooks for different clients in various genres such as communication, hotel management, lifestyle, insurance and more. I have ghost-written quite a few course materials, motivational books and how-to manuals that have offered excellent value to the readers
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